It is terrible when the atomic bomb - this is the only argument
June 30, 2015

I read many articles about the armies of the near future. Briefly crux of the matter is this.

I'm here this morning with his son went to the "Apple Sided" in Munich. There on the second floor to sell drones. These helicopter with four wines and a video camera. It operates with the remote control. Quite a funny thing.

So, all futurists told the same thing: the drones (of course, modified, improved and updated) - is the weapon of the future. You take more drone - hang him antitank grenade - is an anti-drone, take less, hang infantry - infantry.

Modifies the software, install a small control unit and now the drone flies, and you manage it from a warm toilet a thousand kilometers from the battlefield via satellite.

Drone sees everything through a video camera, transmits information, it is processed by a huge computer that offers an optimal strategy. Immediately run a hundred, two hundred, a thousand drones. They transmit thousands of images from different angles.

Альфред КОХ

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