Maersk Solitaire
June 26, 2015

Guesses about who will be the next mayor of Kharkov, are not the first month. Political solitaire laid out on the basis of general intelligence, media activity and speculative logic of some of the processes. Actually, everything still depends on the backstage arrangements, business interests and big game, which is actively conducted in Kharkiv issue in the capital.

It's funny to read how seriously called homegrown experts candidates for the post of the mayor of Alexander Yaroslavsky, Anton Gerashchenko and Yuri Sapronov or recently flooded the streets with their bill-boards Anatoly Rodzinsky. No, none of them was going to, do not want and will not run for mayor. All of them are well informed and people are well aware that after 4 months in Kharkov expected unusual, illogical and totally cynical election.

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