Battle of Kharkov. Theological and Gerashchenko and against Kernes Dobkin
June 25, 2015

Searches in Kharkiv hotel "National" marked a new aggravation in the latent (yet) fight for the seat of mayor. All clear that the fight for the post of mayor will be difficult for Gennady Kernes, in spite of its high rating.
RIA Novosti Ukraine.

A search in a hotel, which is owned by Gennady Kernes and in which he "temporarily live" for several years, done a lot of noise in Kharkov. In a statement, the press service of the Interior Ministry, that, by the mayor of Kharkiv siege of the citadel it is not connected, do not believe anybody. Opponents rejoice: "The ring is compressed." The supporters, associates and business partners alarmed.

6.722 billion hryvnia budget of Kharkiv in 2015. This figure needs to know to understand for any money to be a war in the election of a mayor in the fall.

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