Thermos of iced tea
June 24, 2015

My dear Armenia!

There was a day when we are beaten and dispersed in the Castle Lane in Kiev, we dismantled the barricade, it seemed - crushed hopes ... From impotence was a lump in my throat. It was winter, the snow fell - we returned to the square, about eight people, the Ukrainian flag, cold, battered and covered with snow ...

We carried a large army thermos - the only thing that managed to take time out of the shattered commandos good points far barricade. Aching feet. Hand pained from the grip in the cold without a glove lost in the scuffle, and we - we were carrying this damned the heavy 20-liter flask Army cold tea to their already - the Maidan. As a symbol. As our desire is not to retreat, and to be free!

No golden fleece would not compare in value with the thermos, which we then dragged to the camp Maidan ... We then brought to the tea - we have brought to the camp hardened the will to freedom.

Translated by Google Translate API. Read original full text in Russian.

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