Burshtyn: Way from problem to solution!
June 23, 2015

The country has a real "amber fever." The tremendous number of people living in the fishery - from diggers to dealers, from schoolchildren to government officials.

In Zhiomirskoy, Rivne, Volyn region - this is perhaps the first sector of the economy. Shadow economy. Not even a shadow - black. Black, because no one hryvnia to the budget from that of the country does not have.
If market sales produced amber, conservatively estimated at 500 million. Dollars a year to the budget collection - zero.

The villagers earn their entire families - thousands of dollars per month, Ukrainian rural hinterland - an incredible opportunity. Resellers and income - are swimming in profits. Reshaly with a press of banknotes for the initial capital - knock together the farm, in a moment of making a fortune by surrounding them with all sorts of "self-defense" organize "the interaction" (bribe) to the local authorities, police, Security Service, the Prosecutor's Office ..

All in the vigorous process. All except the state. States should ensure that:

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