Price of Russian friendship
June 21, 2015

Any projects have a beginning and an end. When the project comes to an end, people say thank you for the work and say goodbye. This happens differently. Somewhere nice, but somewhere like here, from people disgust fenced off and actually send their tries. Not needed. Free.


But what ...

Those with this project wanted something to fuck - is raped. Someone more geopolitical scale. Someone less - money, for example.

And the majority of which was used blindly, got destroyed homes and ruined lives and those of their families.

And after that, a character like Zhirinovsky, said that all these people are a project of Americans, or about such kind Solovyov says, they say you are guilty, who are you Doctor. Devour - give, and do not expect more.

That's such a sad story.

These would take people home, but what to do with thousands of parasites that like vultures and jackals gnaw this UKRAINIAN territory.

That's the price of Russian friendship.

Thank you, Mr. Solovyev for articulation.

Translated by Google Translate API. Read original full text in Russian.

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