If only to not work
June 18, 2015

Russians rightly believe fixed capital of the country territory, not people. Therefore, when working capital, and the owner of the capital with the rest - it is, in the view of Russians - normally, and even right.

This is the same psychology of Russian landlord post-reform period, when he handed over his estate tenant, and he lived in Paris and Nice. It is well described in Russian literature and a perfect fit into our mentality.

Leased - and not worried! If only to not operate. So behave Russian people at the micro level: passed three apartments - and in Goa. So behave and the country as a whole.

Therefore, no rejection of the project of putting large chunks of land in Siberia to the Chinese (or anyone else: the Koreans, the Japanese, and so on) will not cause. On the contrary, well done, doing the right thing! Tipo: why our forefathers conquered it, then? It is for that then she fed us! And we - do is not doing.

Альфред КОХ

Translated by Google Translate API. Read original full text in Russian.

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