We need to finish
June 18, 2015

I will soon be on one side of the brain of Russian political realities. That I still lived in the belief that high power rating and even if sociologists and embellish a picture, drawing 88% support Putin, however the position of the Kremlin durable than ever and he has nothing to be afraid of opposition.

We can not say that this statement has inspired me, but nevertheless, I believe that it is better to face the truth than entertain unfounded illusions.

Some suspicions about the level of support for the people of Putin and Co. I have occasionally, of course, arise. In my picture of the world, in particular, it did not fit what the government can not collect on the rallies in his support of the people otherwise except under the order and for the money. It would seem that with such a rating in Moscow to collect 50 thousand. People (as it regularly does the opposition) - a mere trifle. Ahn, no - can not ...

Альфред КОХ

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