Fashionable Georgian management in Odessa
June 17, 2015

His charisma is running ahead of him and manages to light up everything around and touch everything. Mikheil Saakashvili during his brief governorship had already fall in love with many Ukrainian citizens. His sincerity impresses, its activity is a matter of respect, his rhetoric is mesmerizing. He wants to listen again and again. He's a little crazy and a little hysterical. This, by the way, his favorite expression, which he likes to repeat often.

He is a brilliant PR person. It manages simultaneously childish, do self with the residents of Odessa and at the same time to talk about serious and difficult things. And do it in ordinary human language, explaining the benefits on the fingers of a decision.

But so far it's only words. Words that believe. Believe because behind him a successful background is Georgia's reforms, which resulted in Georgia has become a different country. Not a little bit different, but completely different. There was something called revolutionary changes.

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