Threatens to whether the Kharkov offensive Russia?
June 16, 2015

Activation of clashes in the Donbass raises the question of threat of destabilization in the other areas in the east of Ukraine. Is there a real threat to Kharkov?

June 4 near Marinka Donetsk region has seen a dramatic worsening of the situation. From 500 to 1,000 fighters DNI supported by heavy artillery and tanks under the supervision of military personnel of the Russian army attempted to dislodge from the APU. In order to repel the attack of the separatists, after personal permission of the president of Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian army was forced to use heavy artillery. Ultimately, the APU successfully repelled the attack of the enemy, inflicting heavy losses. Hospitals and morgues overflowing Donetsk killed and wounded militants.

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