The development of the tourism cluster in the area of ввKharkiv region Izyum
June 10, 2015

Start of a series of activities aimed at the development of the tourism cluster in the Izyum district Kharkiv region, in the community, internally displaced persons and volunteers.


The legendary jewel Izyum district, the village of Ivanovka, rightly famous for not only a very special places, but also a very scenic location.

Located on a hill, isolated forests and divided by the Seversky Donets with Levkovsky Luke she flaunts her pride - St. John the Baptist Church, which celebrates its anniversary this summer - 240 years.

And we, my friends, going near Ivanovo noise - natural thresholds remaining from the watermill.

And the last big question - when?

So: June 13-14 - in the village of Ivanovka Izyum district gathers his friends to the festival of harmony!

With a tourist taking a standard set.

PS Special thanks to Slava Sinitskaya voiceovers!


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