For the Russian people - the Russian land - is a complete abstraction
June 7, 2015

How is it that a nation obsessed with strange psychosis absolutely inexplicable devotion invented some that do not have any real content abstractions?

Here I go on his German village. Sunday. The Germans went into the church and dig in the garden. Plant flowers, pruned some branches, hauling black soil ...

At night there was a thunderstorm and heavy rain. And in the morning sun and heat. Black, damp earth floats ... In the green meadows cows ringing their bells merges with the singing of birds. That is what the Germans call Heimat - native land.

Native land - it is for the German (in general - Japanese, Italian, etc.) is not an abstraction. Not a disembodied image of living only in his mind. It is quite real object. It can pick up, touch it, it has the shape, scent, it decided to enjoy, decorate, to do better ...

For the Russian people - the Russian land - a complete, distilled abstraction. Love of this abstraction to anything such it is not binding. Neither the fact that it is richer, nor to her to be more beautiful, nor the fact that it is at least - commonplace cleaner. No!

Альфред КОХ

Translated by Google Translate API. Read original full text in Russian.

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