Yanukovych's son Anton Klimenko alive? De jure so sure!
May 29, 2015

For many Ukrainians surprise was strange deaths abroad in water relatives fugitive team Yanukovych. It seems that unless the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the sky certainly written by a "family."

In March 2015 under mysterious circumstances on a frozen lake in Russia Viktor Yanukovych Jr. dies. And in April in Egypt, comes the turn of Anton Klimenko - the elder brother of Alexander Klimenko - former Minister of Revenue and Duties, the group owner Unison, the man who created and krysheval so-called "platform" - tax obna black hole. However, these circumstances de jure not automatically mean that the person is dead. There is a certain procedure when going through the Consulate of Ukraine verifying the death of compatriots abroad. Only after such verification MBC and LCA Ukraine make statements about the death of a citizen.

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