You GRU if you something happens, we do not know you
May 28, 2015

- In general, because the guys. This time, you're in trouble really. No you are not forced to take out loans. Though under the Skoda, though under the apartment. He wanted a beautiful life?

- Yes, what a beautiful life, Comrade Colonel ... I won wife recently gave birth. And we live with parents ... What do I not a man, or what? So I took a mortgage ... Now I do not know how to use it ... Help rashlebat. I worked ...

- Yes ... How can you help that? I'll never know ... And you, Captain! You're a what place thought? Why climbed into debt?

- I have my Zhiguli completely collapsed. In the end, I am an officer of special forces. Was hot spots ... wounded. What I and Skoda have not earned?

- Che are you here to me mitinguesh? Do you think I'll regret? Look a hero! Are you in these hot spots is not with me there was? Well ... yell and waking. Is there another option. Won special department to recruit people to the Ukraine. Protect Russian. Well, let Khokhlov little blood ... going?

- I do not know ... I have to consult with his wife ...

- I will go. I do not care. This is my job. I'm a military - so that's my job. And how much do I get paid?

Альфред КОХ

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