100 days of the governor Rainin: what has changed in the Kharkiv region
May 27, 2015

On May 13 the working biographies of the new head of the region - the first round date. We understand that can boast Igor Rainin and that he failed in that time.

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With the advent of the new Chairman of the regional administration the most radical changes have taken place in the defense area. Let's just say: after a year of fighting in the Donbas, Kharkov finally really started preparing for a meeting with a possible adversary. To start the governor was able to persuade the pro-regionalsky a recent regional council to adopt the same program of territorial defense, and even gave it a large sum - 7 million hryvnia, plus another 2.5 million for equipment the border with Russia. In general, defense and mobilization work in the region, the regional council has allocated nearly 15 million hryvnia.

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