Five factors that impede transformation into a global city of Kharkiv
May 27, 2015

Together with Alex Kopytko we initiated a discussion on the prospects of Kharkov. We assure Kharkov that our city has a bright future, even in those difficult conditions, which turned out to Ukraine today. Now let's see the other side. I'll tell you why Kharkiv has a good chance to remain a loser, then provintsializirovatsya to finally eat through the remnants of the Soviet past.

The first factor. Any movement forward requires a driver that performs the function of a locomotive. In the words of an engineer "Singapore miracle" Lee Kuan Yew, the "art of government consists in the maximum possible use of the limited resources available to the country." He further wrote that "the work of leaders is to inspire and encourage, not share your confusion of thought."

Kharkov problem today is that at this stage he does not yet have political leaders who are able to "inspire and encourage" the city of the global agenda.

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