Does Ukraine the information war?
May 20, 2015

Does Ukraine the information war? As if the default is that the leads. And as if it is clear that it is this war "loses"

"РNFORMATSРYNA VРYNA TA РNFORMATSРYNA BEZPEKA. PROMOTION of I NOVР MEDРР "- is the theme of panel discussion, which was organized with the support of KiС—vskС– dС–alogi" Local Democracy Foundation and other public organizations.

The meeting was very well organized and held in the "Palace Hotel" May 19.

However, after that there was a feeling that the main thing and not talk.

Dear foreign speakers stated that we already know for a long time. I thank them for that study our situation. But any new ideas they have not been expressed.
Our native speakers were interesting. But also limited to very general, and sometimes even a few obsolete provisions.

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