I choose the country and Sasha Borovik
May 18, 2015

Great story of Sasha Borovik. It's great that illustrates two very different physical type.

One aims to honest intellectual work on an effective result, the fact that the meaning is more important than money.

Second interested boxes, statements, in order to arrange "their people." to do something that will say and do not stick your nose where it is not necessary - in the most sacred in the cut dough.

But I was in the story most caught the story of Sasha, he studied at Harvard - Professor puts questions and discusses the problem with the students. It is clear that for a meaningful discussion needs good preparation and well thought-out argument.

Students are not hammered truth, and seeking with them a solution. This time I did not say a friend of mine, an American professor, Eugene (Eugene) Matusow, who teaches at the University of Delaware. That's how he works. It could be argued - even in the United States, not all professors are. Yes, it's true, not all are. And it's just great that it is possible, and even necessary for someone to be "not so."

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