Putin will kill our Nadia
May 18, 2015

I myself lived quietly in a measure razgildyayskoy life and suddenly this thought came into my head, and somewhere in it flew. I suddenly realized very clearly that different is not that the murder will happen.

It will look like the death of Milosevic. That is, it will find dead this morning and everything. We povozmuschalis noble, but we can not do anything. So did the West, but all this will end. West swallowed the shooting down his Boeing. It will only open wound in the heart of her mother.

However, Putin will make his usual face brick face:

Nascho yomu about teС nobility,

Scho, Mauger, weeping mother bС–dna

That pobivaСtsya, yak about ribonka lС–d:

VС–n Vovk, vС–n pan ... yomu not slС–d ...

Russian authorities are doing posozhaleet even her mother will send condolences, but to say that Nadia is to blame: "And there was nothing to pace yourself silly strike. And who does not like this version, then you prove it, we killed her. "

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