Igor Rainin: Talents need help, mediocrity will strike themselves
May 14, 2015

Igor Rainin - chairman of the Kharkiv regional administration is the new man in Ukrainian politics. From his speeches, statements and interviews formed the image of an ambitious, quite hard, pragmatic and disciplined manager who understands well what she wants and knows how to achieve it. "The head of the old school, but with the new European thinking. State manager, not a politician "- described himself the new head of the strategically important region in eastern Ukraine.

Igor L., whom do you see yourself at this position? A politician or a good manager?

I see you every Kharkiv governor was different. Everyone had their vision problems, their priorities. Agree, it could not be otherwise. Especially because we all governing region, working at different times. We have different situations, different challenges. Therefore, the different modes of action.

Egor Rusanov "Hvilya"

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