The goal of Ukraine - a cold world and wide autonomy from the Donbass
May 12, 2015

The trip by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Moscow on May 10 had a powerful educational influence on the separatist formation of the LC and the DNI.

According to the press center of the ATO, the militants held the regime of silence May 11 as much as four and a half hours.

"From 5:34 to 10:19, and in the area of ввthe ATO did not hear a single shot. It is also perhaps the first time they did not use a weapon calibres of prohibited agreements Ming ", - stated in the press-center of the ATO.

However, it was flowers and berries have gone when the so-called Vice-Speaker of the so-called The so-called People's Council DNI Dennis Pushilin said flatly that "we agree on the broadest autonomy without sacrificing our interests."

Traditional phantasms pressed Pushilin mind: "If Kiev will continue to violate the Minsk Agreement, DNR will begin to move toward full independence. We propose an article in the constitution that the other regions of Ukraine have the right to self-determination. We are ready for the local elections. "

Translated by Google Translate API. Read original full text in Russian.

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