The measure Janika: Critical time reforms in Ukraine 2-3 years
May 7, 2015

Four days from morning till night she works in Ukraine, and then flying home to Tallinn, where she was waiting for her husband and young son. Estonian Janik The measure called the "angel" of the Ukrainian economy, the new sex - symbol of the political beau monde, mainly optimistic reform team. More recently, she was advisor to the Minister of Economic Development Abramovichusa, but now its main objective to introduce a system of e-government in the state structures that strike a crushing blow to corruption.

As in a country where 30% of the population has never used the Internet to make a citizen communicated with the state without papers and officials, we decided to speak to Janik during her visit to Kharkiv.

- The man who took on such a responsible mission, many of the risks. And you're ready to go for broke and become a citizen of Ukraine?


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